Develop Assignment Specifications

We spend time up front with the client to understand the position, the culture of the organization and the type of person they are looking to hire. Gaining this insight enables us to script an effective plan of action to find the right individual for each and every search. A detailed position description will serve as a filter in identifying highly qualified candidates.

Research & Source Candidates

Many executive recruiting firms rely heavily on databases and existing contacts to complete their assignments, but our Partners go far beyond the existing database to identify new talent by making the difficult direct sourcing calls to candidates that are not active in the job market.

Evaluate Candidates

Using a non-manipulative based approach, we match the skills, backgrounds and interests of potential candidates with the client’s opportunity and organization. We then evaluate each potential candidate based on a predetermined set of behaviorally based interview questions related to the requirements of the job. This process ensures an objective and consistent evaluation across all candidates.

Present Selected Candidates

We provide a detailed analysis of selected candidates with a clear description of how the candidates’ experience applies to each area of responsibility listed in the position description. We also provide a detailed description of the following: compensation information, candidate priorities and a preliminary reference check focusing on the candidates’ technical competence, management and leadership abilities, work ethic and communication skills. We work with the client to narrow the selected candidate list before moving on to the interviewing stages.

Assess Cultural Fit

We personally interview remaining candidates to assess cultural fit before they are interviewed by the client. Only the candidates that have passed the technical screen and are a potential cultural and personality fit for the client organization will be moved onto the interviewing stage.

Coordinate Client Interviews

We work as a liaison between the client and candidates to schedule first, second and final interviews. We can arrange interviews via telephone, teleconference or coordinate travel arrangements for face-to-face meetings. We also spend time debriefing with the candidates and addressing all questions and concerns before moving toward the offer stage.

Extend Offer

We clearly communicate offer expectations between the client and candidates throughout the process to ensure that the selected candidate understands the elements of the compensation package. We extend the terms of the offer, benefits and level of relocation assistance, and also help with any necessary negotiation with respect to these points.

Placement & Follow-Up

The satisfaction of our clients and candidates is our ultimate goal. Our process will ensure that you select the right candidate for your organization. Once the placement is complete, we will maintain open communication to ensure a smooth transition for both parties.